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Oct. 21st, 2008

Sam Tyler (Oh Bugger)

I'm an idiot

I set my alarm for 8am today to get to work for 9am. Ran around throwing stuff out of my suitcase wondering why the hell didn't I unpack last night. Found all my uniform and made it to work for 8.55am. Went in and found out I'd booked the day off and so I asked if I could go home and they said yes so here I am lol.

I'm glad actually. Running after 12 babies under 2 when I'm tired and my feet are still killing me probably isn't the best  start  going back to work :)

Oct. 20th, 2008

I solemenly swear

Guess I'm back again

Just to let everyone know I went away for a while but I think I'm back on this thing. For a while anyway. Who know's how long it will last.
Oh and for people that didn't know I'm back living in the UK.

Hope to talk to you all soon

May. 5th, 2007

Congratulations Sarah and Christina

I just want to say congratulations. I saw you both graduate on the web-cam that Sarah kindly sent me the link to. It was very cool and I got to cheer when you got up and no one got annoyed at me :) I also cheered when Erin Brockovich Ellis got her honorary degree as well. If anyone was walking past my bedroom door though they may have wondered what was happening lol.

I'll update again soon. I was out all night last night at a friends house and I'm going to Virgina soon to spend the night at another friends house. So not sure when I'll be back. 

2 days until my Birthday Wohoooooooooooooooooo

May. 2nd, 2007

Road Trip

My theory on Gilmore Girls

Hi. I'm back again. I have no idea how many time's I've said that now lol. Every time I come back I get to busy to update this thing lol. Anyway I should really be studying for my first final tonight but anything is better than doing that is why I now have time to be in here. Cause anything is better than studying whilst the kids are asleep lol

Ok I have a theory people and I hate to say this but I think I killed Gilmore Girls. It may sound ridiculous but here me out. I lived in the UK for the first 5 seasons and it was good. Season 5 ended and we had an engagement.  Even the first couple of episodes of season 6 were not to bad. Then it happened. On 17th October 2005 I moved. Then kids and ex's started coming out of the woodwork and all sorts of other crap and slowly I ended up not even bothering to watch it on a Tuesday night. My dream since I started watching was to watch it with everyone else and here I was avoiding it. 
Ok now fast forward a year and a half and it's starting to pick up again and I'm excited to watch it again to see the little Luke and Lorelai moments. Why am I so pissed off. Because it is over in 2 weeks and by the time it comes back (If it comes back) I will be packing up my things and will be heading home to the UK and having to download the damn thing again. 
So you see. I was the death of Gilmore Girls. You see, if it comes back it will be number one on The CW next year lol. Ok so that may be pushing it a bit but it is slightly annoying that the crappy two years are the years I was here. 

Ok onto normal subjects. I totally forgot it was my Birthday next week lol. Luckily my dad reminded me yesterday so I'm trying to plan something lol. I think it's because of work and  and finishing college on 9th May WOHOOOOOOO. And then on 12th May the best Birthday present ever. My mum and Paul are coming. I am so excited I can't stop jumping about and I have the kids all hyped up as well lol. 
We are starting out in NYC and we are doing all the touristy things and Jo is going to meet up with me for a day, then we are heading to Philadelphia for a few days, then onto Washington DC (Which is basically where I live but we are staying in a hotel lol) and then on to my house for the last few days. There are going to be 5 adults and 2 kids all under one roof LOL. Then on the 25th the night before they leave we are having a Birthday party for me and my friends are coming over and so I think that is why I forgot my actual Birthday is next week and not the fake Birthday I'm having on the 25th lol. Then on the Saturday I will have to say goodbye again until October. That is gonna be horrible. 

Jean asked me today whether I wanted to be come an American Citizen and whether they could sponsor me or not. I kind of just stuttered and had my mouth open lol. How cool would that be but it cannot be that easy surely. It took me over 4 years just to ger on the visa I have now. And I' m sort of getting used to the fact that I have to go home. If all of a sudden I can stay I may be very homesick now because I'm preparing myself. I know it's not until October but all I can think of is that my mum will come and go, then it's Summer and I will have William off school, then it will be September and William and Margaret will go to school (I can't believe she is going to school. She was only  when 20mths when I arrived) then it will be October and we are all going to Williamsburg my last week that I am here then I have to fly home. It isn't long when I say it like that lol .And obviously if I did end up staying we may as well say goodbye to Gilmore Girls cause I will truly kill it :D

Ok I'll try and write again soon. It's been a wacky month. Lots of busy weekends and having fun and lots of studying as well.

Ok before I go how to I do an LJ cut and how do I put someone's LJ name because above I wanted to write Jo's but I haven't got  clue how to do it. I really need to learn how to use this thing lol

Apr. 9th, 2007

Attempting to pout whilst drunk

(no subject)

I bet you all thought I'd buggared of again didn't you. Well don't worry. I haven't. Real life just took over for a while. I'm not really going to post at the moment. I will be back after tomorrow night though I'm trying to stay away until Life on Mars is over because I've done so well at not seeing spoilers, only the trailer and I want to keep it like that. I supposed I should have stayed out of The Railway Arms but that place is addictive and I love it so I couldn't go completly cold turkey on that place lol. I can't believe it's over tomorrow. It was my new obsession and it lasted 16 episodes lol. I'm glad its ending though because no matter how much I love it there is no it could carry on for much longer just because it's to good of a show to wait until the audience are sick of it instead of the writers deciding to go out on a high. Also I keep thinking of poor John Simm having to be in every scene. That guy is a fantastic actor to be able to pull it off for this long. Any way I can't really talk for this long but I found this thing that everyone else is doing and I want to have a go. Haven't got a clue if I have got it right or not but hey its worth a shot. 

I'll give the US people a bit of a help. The first 3 are UK TV shows lol.

• Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite TV shows.
• Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
• Have your friends guess the show names.

1.  Police, Time Travel, 1970's
2. Regeneration/ Time Lord/ Police box
3. Con/ Money / Grifter
4. Mother daughter relationship / Small town/ Diner
5.Vicodin / Cane / Diagnosis
6. Medical / Seattle Washington / Hospital
7. Secret Identity / 1990's / Journalism
8. Dead Narrator / Friendship / Suburbia
9. Teenage Superhero / Based on Comic / Super strength
10. Supernatural powers / abductions / Number in title

OK so that was harder than I thought. I now realise I don't watch that much television lol. Most of those I watch when I have time apart from the first 4/5 and finding a 10th show was hard.

I promise I will be back.

Mar. 17th, 2007

Happy St Patrick's day everyone

Forgot to say in my other post Happy St Patrick's day. I've proudly worn my Everyone loves an Irish Girl t-shirt for the day even though we had 28 degree weather and snow but who cares  

Bored and snowed in

OK so today was a real bore just because I couldn't drive anywhere so  I ended up talking to my friend from the UK for nearly the entire day lol. 

Then the roads cleared and I went out for a while and then came back, so basically I have done sod all today and I can't be bothered watching anything because all I really want to watch is the new episode of Life on Mars because I've seen the preview and if I get my wish something will be happening :D 

Just had to mention Comic Relief. How funny was the Catherine Tate sketch. Bite me Alien Boy will stay with me forever :D If she was a real student I would have used the sonic screwdriver on her the minute she started speaking. The doctor definitely had a lot more patience than I would have.
I've just ordered the DVD so I think I've done my bit for comic relief

And I just ordered the Peter Kay/ Matt Lucas/ The proclaimers, 500 hundred miles music video, with David in a kilt  off itunes  It helps when you have a mum with a british mastercard and a home address. It's starting to piss me off how you can't buy certain things or watch certain things because you live in a different country. No wonder people start doing it illegally because no bugger can watch anything. 

Ok rant over. I'm off to watch David doing his cool dance moves in a kilt once more :D

Go Britain. I just found out so far you have raised £40,236,142  It should keep going up with all the DVDs and singles that are coming out.

Mar. 16th, 2007


Does anyone know if it's a good idea to upgrade, still free of charge so I can get some more user pics. The downside is I have to have advertising on my livejournal. Well I think I do anyway. Does anyone have it and does it muck up your page if you do? Or slow it down?

Also how hard is it to change your homepage. I hate to say this but I'm sick of looking at Lorelai and Luke but I don't want to wreak anything that's already there. Heather did it for me last time. Thanks Heather by they way lol.

Sick kids, Snow and Life on Mars

Well I saw Life on Mars. I actually got to see it on Wednesday afternoon but it's been one heck of a week. I don't feel like I've sat down since Saturday lol. 

I'm down to one sick kid WOHOOOOO. Isn't it sad when you are pleased when only one of your kids is sick instead of 2. 

William went back to school yesterday and he definitely needed to. He spent all of Wednesday been mean to Margaret, which set her off crying and me sending each kid to another side of the room. Then when Margaret's medicine ran out she collapsed on the couch and wanted me to sit with her whilst William wanted me to run around the room whilst he tried to catch me. Which just meant more screaming. 
So now I’ve just had to entertain Margaret in the morning but she hasn't wanted to do anything apart from lay down and most of the time cry. I feel so sorry for her. She can hardly speak and when she does she kind of chokes herself because her nose is blocked up. She has little bursts of energy then hits a wall again. 

Anyway enough of sick kids. Last week we had 76 degree weather and today. We got 6 inches of snow (It's still snowing) It hit 28 degrees and I had to go and pick William up from school. It was horrible. I've drove in snow before but for the first hour it was pure ice that was falling. Normally I set off at 11.20am and get him for 11.30am and I'm back in the house for 11.45am. Today I thought I'd set off early so that I could get a really close parking space so I didn't have to carry Margaret far so I set off at 11am and didn't make it to the school until 11.20am and I have never skidded so much in my life. I would brake and the car would just keep moving. It was horrible. William's teachers let me take him the minute they saw me so I could get home before even more snow came down and it took until 11.45am to get home. It was crazy. And then I nearly had my heart attack cause we live on a slope (perfect for sledding) and I got halfway up the slope to get into the garage and realized I wasn't steering anymore and was heading toward the side of the garage all by itself. I have no idea how I stopped it hitting the side but I ended up sort of slanted in the middle of the garage and I just decided to leave it how it was lol. 

Then the kids went down for their nap at 145pm and they were still asleep at 4.45pm. I felt like I had the afternoon off lol. Nothing I did woke those kids up. At one point I even opened both their doors and vacuumed. They didn’t even stir lol. William ended up waking up at 5pm and Margaret at 5.30pm but they are already in bed so they must have needed it.

Ok now for Life on Mars. I absolutely loved it. I liked how this episode was more character driven and the actual crime was the secondary story. Poor Sam seems to be getting more lonelier. The poor guy even wanted freaky test card girl to come visit (I grew up with that girl and she scared the crap out of me lol) You could tell he was trying to become one of the lads, like when they were at the morgue, when Gene and Ray were talking about how far to go on a first date. (I’ve never heard it been called Upstairs outside or downstairs inside before lol) Sam just looked so out of place and again when Chris told them how he doped her up on Perno and Black. That poor woman has only met him 3 times, he’s skated over her hand and thrown up in her face and she still came back for more lol. And I loved the Sam/Annie stuff. Although Annie is bugging me cause she keeps going hot and cold on him and calling him Sir. I know why she is doing this but just kiss already. And not as Tony and Cherie Blair. I seriously nearly spit my drink out when I heard what they had called themselves. And when he introduced Gene as Gordon Brown lol. 

I caved a bit and went looking for a certain spoiler for Life on Mars but I’m glad I did cause I can enjoy it now but I’m thinking off all the ways the writers will f**k it up. I won’t say what it is just because I know people are really spoiler free and normally I am but this was just doing my head in.

Ok now for the LOL quotes of the evening. I may do this every week just so that when it’s all over and forgotten I can read back and what fantastic lines Gene Hunt came out with :D Although most of what he says his hilarious but I can’t write every word he says lol.


RAY: Early 20’s


GENE: Well I didn’t think she was sunbathing did I


GENE: Would you stop sniffing that poor woman


GENE: He pushed a bird out of a car. It doesn’t make him a bad bloke


GENE: Will you shut up this is making me quite randy


GENE: I don’t like this. Gene Hunt smashes doors down. He does not pick girly locks


And for the funniest scene I have ever seen or heard


RAY: The law the law

GENE: Get down you div

SAM: We are the law you bloody clowns

(One at a time they pop their heads back up)


(Whilst on Surveillance)

 GENE: Wouldn’t Nixon notice a van parked outside the Whitehouse?


GENE: Murderers do not play tennis


GENE: What about Bater. Let’s have him arrested and shipped up to me

SAM: Can’t do that Gov

GENE: Why not

SAM: He died of cancer a year ago

GENE: Damn the man


SAM: I’m bloody sick of 1973

ANNIE: Well don’t worry, it’ll be 1974 soon

GENE: You know that bloke in the bible who wanted to stuff a camel though the eye of a needle

SAM: That would be Jesus

GENE: Yeah. Well he had nothing on Mrs. Luckhurst


OK so I could have gone on forever but I don’t want to bore people to death.


One more thing. Annie mentioned Blackpool. I like it when people mention my home town which is quite sad but who cares.


Mar. 13th, 2007

Waiting inpatiently

So I found out tonight that Gilmore Girls and House aren't back until April. So I've lost two shows on one night. 

But LIFE ON MARS is back tonight and I'm sitting here waiting for the download to finish. Last time I looked it was 18hrs. (Why the hell is it so slow. Stuff normally takes about 2hrs) I'm not moving or doing anything until it's downloaded :D 
I feel like I'm having deja vu. Here I am sat on a Tuesday night waiting for something to download I had to sit and wait for Gilmore Girls to download at 3am  when I lived in England (Thanks Jo :D) and now I'm doing the same for my UK shows. When I move back to the UK, Life and Mars will have finished :( and Doctor Who will probably have gotten a new doctor and I won't be interested in it and I'll be back to been addicted to US shows again and I'll be in the same position as I am tonight. Crap the download has gone from 18hrs to 1day 17hrs. Someone help quick lol. 
I need to forget about the download for a bit or I'll go nutty. I went out with my friend, Anca tonight and we had a great time. We went shopping in Kohl's and then went to Ruby Tuesdays. It was a lot of fun. 

Both my kids are really sick, they thought WIlliam had Mono but luckily it isn't but now Margaret has the same symptoms so I haven't left the house for over a week and I'm going mad. I normally get to do fun stuff like take William to school and have play dates and go to the library. Now I'm stuck in the house watching Go Diego Go, Blues Clues, Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog.
And I know just as the kids get better (WIlliam is already on the mend) I'll get it so I'll be stuck in bed for a week.

Ok so there is my post (moan) for the night. I will be back when I've seen Life on Mars cause like I said I ain't moving or sleeping until this thing has been watched cause I've gone nuts waiting 3 weeks.  That is the last time I ever try and be greedy and watch the BBC4 episode straight after the BBC1 episode :D. And Sam and Annie better have a damn kiss soon or I'll go insane. 

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